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The first photos of the treasure chest and treasure, when found, will be placed on this page. Also, I will place PoemTeasure.com into the treasure chest and take a picture or two for the national news media. If you would like to have your company logo or product also placed into the treasure chest for the national news media, contact me at the email below with an offer. I'm especially interested in Bitcoin companies buying these links. I also have some other partnership offers for Bitcoin companies. If you would like to have your business link or other link here on this page, the cost is $10.00. It's non-refundable and required as a down payment to receive a link and to save your position on this page. Before the *recovery of the Forrest Fenn's treasure chest is announced, you'll be notified to pay the balance of $990.00 to keep your link alive and position. If payment is not received within 24 hours your link will be removed. At anytime, including after the announcement you can pay more to move your link up. All amounts have to be in increments of at least $1,000.00. Payments and listing dates will be recorded so links can be placed correctly. If all links are bought for the same amount then those purchased earlier will be listed higher than those purchased later. * Only if my solve is correct. If I am unable to recover the treasure chest this summer then no other payment beyond the $10.00 will be required. Your link will remain for one year. If I do find the treasure chest, your link will remain for five years. Searchers If I don't recover the treasure chest but you do, I would offer you 50% of all money paid for links on this page, in exchange for first photos of the treasure chest, which will be placed on this page. I Frederic Johnson have figured out all the clues of the poem and I believe that Forrest Fenn was referring to me when he said, that he has a gut feeling that his treasure chest will be found this summer. Last June on the 20th, the day SUMMER started, I sent Forrest Fenn my solve and then I went to retrieve it but a mother bear and her cubs kept me from the treasure chest. Forrest Fenn didn't say, "I have a gut feeling that it will be found this year," he said, "I have a gut feeling that it will be found this summer." Forrest Fenn also mentioned, in the Nightline interview to be careful because of bears, which some people in the forums have wondered, if that was a hint? I also sent him a photo still from my video on Dec. 25, 2017 that shows the blaze area. I believe the higher hand that guided Forrest Fenn is the same one that has provided me with the answers to all the clues. It's all about my 16-year-old daughter, Jennifer S. O. s. "...forgive a sinner and smile at a homely girl." If I don't find the treasure chest, it will have cost you $10.00, if you bought a link, but it will remain on this page for one year. I may also place photos, on this page, of the area of where I believed the treasure chest was hidden. Email contact: poemtreasure.com (at) gmail.com PictureSharing.com, ActiveSharing.com, BookCarWash.com, HavingABaby.net, MissMilkyWay.com and other domain names are available for lease, purchase or partnerships. Copyright 2018